1. 人不能象走兽那样活着,应该追求知识和美德。Man can’t live like a beast. He should pursue knowledge and virtue.
2. Behind bad luck come…




1. The secret of success is always the same.成功之秘诀,在始终不变其目的。

2. A man should keep his friendship in constant repair. 只有经常“浇灌”,方能保持友谊长地久

3. Let thy vices die before thee.让恶习先你死去。

4. , reading for wisdom is just like gymnastics for body. – Edison

5. 知识是一种快乐,而好奇则是知识的萌芽。Knowledge is a pleasure, while curiosity is the germination of knowledge.

6. 你们的问题很有价值,看来你读书时是用心思考的。Your questions are very valuable. It seems that you are thinking hard when you read.

7. 人生短暂,学术无涯。 —萨福克里斯Much learning shows how little mortals know. —-Francis Young

8. My life’s hobby. In addition to revolution, I can only live well without reading. – Sun Zhongshan.

9. , knowledge is mainly driven by “initiative”, rather than “teaching”. – Qian Sanqiang

10. 对所学知识内容的兴趣可能成为学习动机。Interest in the content of knowledge may be a motivation for learning.

11. 求学不是求分数,读书不是读死书。Studying is not about getting grades. Reading is not about reading dead books.

12. 为人的智慧是:读书、思考、不把自己当人看。The wisdom of being human is to read, to think and not to treat oneself as a human being.

13. 下定决心,果断行动,并承担后果。在这世界上犹豫不决成就不了任何事。 —–托马斯-赫胥黎He that knows little soon repeats it. —-Western Proverb

14. 读书是在别人思想的帮助下,建立起自己的思想。Reading is to build up one’s own mind with the help of other people’s thoughts.

15. , reading is an adventure, such as exploring the new world, such as new soil. – Dewey

16. 智慧是穿不破的衣裳,知识是取不尽的宝藏。Wisdom is an indestructible garment, and knowledge is an inexhaustible treasure.

17. 区别成功人士和普通人士最简单的方法,就是前者喜欢读书。The easiest way to distinguish successful people from ordinary people is that they like reading.

18. 工作是医治人间一切病痛和疾苦的万应良药。 —托马斯-莱尔Originality and the feeling of one’s own dignity are achieved only through work and struggle. —-Dostoevsky

19. , books introduce us into the best society, so that we can understand the great minds of all ages. – Shimeiersi

20. , one can only be temporary, but honesty is a long-term strategy. John ray


英文读书名言警句,英语读书名言,导读: 我们读书越多,就越发现我们是无知的。下面是小编为你推荐的英文读书名言警句。

1. 学会学习的人,是非常幸福的人。He who learns to learn is a very happy man.
2. A good book is the rich and precious vein of a great…

21. 人如果没有知识,无异于行尸走肉。A man without knowledge is like walking a dead man.

22. Initiative is doing the right thing without being told.主动性就是在没有人告诉时做正确的事情。

23. 识字要读书,种地要养猪。Literacy requires reading, and farming requires raising pigs.

24. 创业者书读得不多没关系,就怕不在社会上读书。It doesn’t matter if entrepreneurs don’t read a lot, they are afraid not to read in society.

25. 不去读书就没有真正的教养,同时也不可能有什么鉴别力。There is no real upbringing without going to school, and at the same time there can be no discrimination.

26. 读书使人心明眼亮。Reading brightens the heart.

27. 读书之法无他,惟是笃志虚心,反复详玩,为有功耳。There is no other way to read, but to be sincere and modest, and to play it over and over again for the sake of meritorious ears.

28. , time is like water in sponge. If you want to squeeze, there will always be some. – Lu Xun

29. Rome wasn’t built in a day. work harder and practice more. your hardworking will be rewarded by god one day. god is equal to everyone! 冰冻三尺,非一日之寒。更加努力地学习,更加勤奋地操练,你所付出的一切将会得到上帝的报答,上帝是公平的。、Something attempted, something done. 有所尝试,就等于有所作为。

30. 什么知识最有价值?一致的答案就是科学。What knowledge is most valuable? The consistent answer is science.

31. , any valuable knowledge I learned is self taught. – Darwin

32. Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene. 改变自己往往改变更为需要。

33. 知识越少越准确,知识越多,疑惑也就越多。The less knowledge, the more accurate, the more knowledge, the more doubts.

34. 读书如果不明白道理,等于白读。Reading without understanding the truth is equal to reading in vain.

35. 幸福的生活是一种由爱鼓舞,由知识指导的生活。Happy life is a life inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

36. Whoever is in a hurry shows that the thing he is about is too big for him. 不管是谁,匆匆忙忙只能说明他不能从事他所从事的工作。

37. 在这个世界上取得成功的人,都努力去寻找他们想要的机会,如果找不到时,他们就自己创造机会。 —-肖伯纳Reading make a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man. —-Bacon

38. 世界上再也没有比纯粹的无知和认真的愚蠢更危险的了。 — 小马丁-路德-金That we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of child. –Bernard Shaw

39. 好读书,读好书,走遍天下都不怕。Good reading, good reading, all over the world are not afraid.

40. Nothing is impossible for a willing heart. 心之所愿,无所不成。

41. 唯一能持久的竞争优势是胜过竞争对手的学习能力。The only lasting competitive advantage is the ability to learn better than competitors.

42. Adversity reveals genius, fortune conceals it.苦难显才华,好运藏天知。

43. 读书之乐何处寻,数点梅花天地心。Where to find the pleasure of reading, count the heaven and earth of plum blossoms.



1. 投资知识是明智的,投资网络中的知识就更加明智。Investment knowledge is wise, and knowledge in investment networks is more wise.
2. 我一生的嗜好,除了**此外…

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